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We want you to be part of our journey

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How to receive your NFT (do not worry at all - everything is free):


You just need to share with us your info so that we can do the transfer. Please fill in the form and we will send your own Vesquad NFT by Friday 31st of December.

Thanks for submitting!
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  1. What is an NFT

  2. Seriously. What is an NFT




  3. Which platform do you use

The NFT we’ve created is on Rarible. If you already own a crypto wallet that is compatible with all the main options like MyEtherWallet (MEW), Coinbase, Fortmatic, MetaMask, Torus, etc.

  4. I don't have a blockchain wallet

If you don’t already have a blockchain wallet, you can create one using one of the platforms mentioned above.

  5. I need some help

Feel free to reach out to Antonis  - - for anything you might need. We are still figuring everything out so we might not have the answer as well. In any case, include in your message the secret password - ”Global domination”.

  6. Is this a scam

No, but if it ends up being a scam we will never admit it :) This is our Vesquad way of saying THANK YOU to all the Vesquaders out there. Hope you enjoy it!

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