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Together we can bring your idea into life.

With more than 20 years of experience in building ventures from scratch, we are here to support you every step of the way

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Understand project success, before you start investing

Regardless IF your idea is proven yet or not, we will help you assess it out with rigorous testing. You’ll avoid the risk of unfocused investments in un-feasible concepts and our experts will help you polish your ideas and processes, for the best chance of success.

Test your ideas with minimum risk

You can test even the most complex ideas, involving emerging technologies and hardware components,  with the help of our expert R&D squad. We can help you with planning, predictions, road mapping, and post-PoC development analysis, to identify the best-fit solution with minimum financial exposure.


Start the development faster

Our squads can help you minimize the time spent on testing in-house. We can help you diagnose potential bottlenecks that slow your development process and provide you with a scalable software solution, that is ready for deployment as soon as you are satisfied.

Get the input you need for success

We work with you and all relevant stakeholders to receive and document valuable feedback that determines your next steps while helping you test the water – with market validation testing. Our squads will arm you with the experience and input you need to scale fast.


Understand and prepare for the future

Our squads of software and venture experts can deliver a comprehensive project evaluation, allowing you to develop your roadmap for success that maximizes the possibility of success to your venture.

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Research and validate your idea

Our venture and software squads will research your concept and help you scope it while helping you identify any technological or business-related constraints and risks that could impact its success. Having worked for many years on most of the emerging technologies, we are here to support you in finding unique and future-proof solutions that can deliver significant business results.

Design and develop a prototype

In this step, we showcase the viability of your concept. With a fixed budget and a clearly documented scope, we work alongside to design a prototype that either proves or disproves how valuable the idea could be in real-life terms. We can provide an end to end solution or work on specific areas of concern in order to provide you with clearly defined results in every step of the way


Move to the next stage of your venture

Our venture squads can help you validate your idea with real user interaction so that you can iterate your solution for the optimal business response. Once the path to success is clear, we will stay alongside you to ensure your competitive edge and get your solution to market fast.


Continuous Innovation - 5 steps

  • Source code 

  • Distributable software packages that are ready to be deployed

  • Documentation

  • Training - Knowledge sharing 

  • Recommendations for further development

  • Deployment of the solution to your environment

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