Together we can grow your venture.

Our highly trained squad members are here to provide an end to end solution to any challenge you might be facing 


Validate your vision

Initiate the solution development process with ve.squads product design workshops and transform your concept into a data-led product. We can help you focus your investment on what can actually bring business value to your organization by validating early on your key assumptions.

Innovate and stay ahead of the curve

Our focused venture development squads can design together with you solutions that can solve the most complex software and venture development challenges. We have been leading innovative ventures for more than two decades and we have the expertise to develop products and ventures for markets that are changing constantly.


Bring clear Return on Investment

We can support you in implementing clear and automated venture development processes that can boost your growth and help you deliver better services to your customers. After the initial investigation stage, we take full responsibility for the delivery and the entire squad that will guide your new venture. You can focus on what you are doing the best and we can do all the rest.

Ensure on-time delivery

Our squads are here to ensure that all deadlines are met and that the quality of the deliverables are on the standards you were expecting. After 20+ years of building and supporting ventures, we have the necessary experience and the proper framework in place that ensures quality and avoids bottlenecks.


Create high-quality ventures

With our continuous integration and continuous delivery process, you are always on the driver’s sheet when it comes to visibility and control over the entire venture development process. Continuous progress reports and the possibility to actively participate in the rituals of the venture squad are some of the ways we ensure that you are in control of the entire project.

Build a venture that will last

The ventures we are building are resilient so that you can easily adjust your business models and processes in a way that fits your priorities and allow your venture to grow. It is part of our DNA to design and develop ventures that last.

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With our experienced professionals and trained squads, we are able to deliver a range of custom software and venture development products and solutions that range from desktop and web applications to voice-activated and hardware setups. We can support you all the way from the initial idea validation up to custom solution development, testing, governance, and support.


Validate your idea

Alongside with you, we can clearly define your software and venture development needs and validate your key assumptions. The goal is to create a clear roadmap for the entire venture development process that will ensure the highest chances of success in the long run.

Initiate the software and venture development process

The squad that will be dedicated to your venture will design a tailor-made solution that best fits your needs and overall requirements. In every venture we are building, we are utilizing the most promising and relevant technologies and combining them with the most tested venture building frameworks so that we can bring the highest value to your own organization. 


Test all software deliverables 

In parallel with the software development, our squad ensures that from a user’s perspective your solution is soundproof. As part of our overall offering, you can ensure that your solution is properly tested, all acceptance criteria are met, and that the necessary documentation is in place.

Manage and govern the project lifecycle

From day one you will have full visibility on what is happening in every aspect of your venture. We follow the scrum methodology and introduce the proper rituals that can allow you to have a constant understanding of the stage of the development process. A typical setup would include a bi-weekly sprint approach with the relevant rituals like the demo, retrospective, and planning. We provide one touchpoint and one single point of accountability along with a clear definition of roles and responsibilities. 

  • Source code 

  • Distributable software packages that are ready to be deployed

  • Documentation

  • Training - Knowledge sharing 

  • Recommendations for further development

  • Deployment of the solution to your environment


Continuous Innovation - 5 steps

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